Live Healthy With Laura


Quotes Laura's advice is sound, I feel I am making good healthy choices now while I also lose weight. 50 pounds so far, and I eat and listen to my body for hunger cues, big parts of Laura's plan for me. I am doing this! Quotes
Happy grazer

Quotes I first spoke with Laura 3 or 4 months ago about nutrition...since then I have lost 20 pounds! I feel so much healthier now. Quotes

Quotes As I have gotten older the way I eat has to change. Laura is doing a great job helping me out. She's a natural born encourager and I am so thankful for her input. Quotes

Quotes I talked with Laura 3 months ago about how and what I should eat and I have lost 22lbs since then she helped me out alot . Quotes
Robert Matthews

Quotes I had a nutrition interview with Laura and she helped me with the foods that I need in my body and the bad foods that I need 2 leave alone, I'm doing really great now with keeping track of the healthy foods that I need on a daily base. Thanks Laura Quotes