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Embracing Early Mornings and Becoming a Healthier You!

Posted on March 22, 2017 at 3:55 PM

Early mornings…they sound cringe worthy don’t they? That second that alarm rings and you have to roll out of your comfortable bed and start your day can be brutal can’t it? Well, in my experience it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can become your most productive time of the day and a time to even look forward to!

A few years ago you could have easily caught me sleeping into 11:00 AM at any given opportunity. I thought it was amazing (at the time) but then I became more focused on my health and I realized that I had to MAKE more time to take care of myself else it just wouldn’t happen! 

Flash forward a few years to becoming a mother I had to face the cold, hard fact that my time was no longer just my own. As many of you already know, once the baby (or kids) are awake they require A LOT of attention. So, what is a momma to do who STILL wants to be healthy and have alone time? The answer is you guessed it: to wake up before your little ones do and sneak that time in before it can get away from you! That is the secret!

I’ll admit that when I started doing this, it was NOT easy in the beginning. However, as a few weeks went by my 5:45 AM alarm clock was not so bad. In fact, I saw a huge improvement in my mood, my health and my overall productivity throughout my day!

Now listen, you don’t have to be a “morning person” for this to be possible. In fact most people that are weren’t always like that. They had to acquire that lifestyle. Anyone can truly become a morning person with practice! I promise you it is worth the shift in your schedule and those tough, first few weeks!

Waking up early allows me and will allow you to take care of yourself in three, vital ways:

1. Physically: It allows me to fit in at least a good 45 minute workout ALONE and before anything comes up that keeps me from it later in the day (something always does and would).

2. Mentally: It allows me some peace and quiet “ME time” that is often so coveted and unheard of for many mothers. That early in the morning it is just me, myself and I and I must say… I love it! This time allows me to start my day with my daughter with a genuine, unfrazzled smile. Motherhood is beautiful but demanding and I need this time to think and just be still. Needless to say, it is unnegotiable!

3. Spiritually: Time with God in the mornings truly changes my whole day! It gives me peace and direction in my life. However, if it isn’t a “quiet” time and I attempt to read my devotion and pray with my two-year-old up running around, I really do not get as much out of it! So, before my feet hit the floor I start my day with scripture and a prayer. It is awesome!

Once again I will stress that I was NOT a “morning person” naturally in the past. It took time and practice but I will tell you that it has been so worth it!

I want to share with you a few ways you too can become an enthusiastic morning person!:

1. Go to bed earlier! You want to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. No TV show is worth sacrificing your sleep (just record it and watch it another time)!

2. Put your alarm clock (most likely your phone) across the room so you have to wake up and walk over to get it. This may sound silly or extreme but it works!

3. Set out your workout clothes and tennis shoes by your bed.

4. Do some simple stretches upon waking up to help rejuvenate and wake your body and mind up.

5. Write down or type up what you would hope to accomplish each morning by waking up earlier. Then, see how much you can get done by breakfast! Make it a game!

6. Follow this mantra: “Don’t think about it…JUST. DO. IT.” You will always thank yourself in the end.

Give it a few weeks of waking up early friends and I can bet you will find that you are less stressed, more productive, healthier and feeling better about yourself and your day to day routine! Remember, the first 3 weeks of anything are the hardest but after that it will become easier. I can’t wait for you to discover the beauty of early mornings as I have. It truly is amazing what you can accomplish and how much better you will feel when you wake up before the sunrise!

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